R3 – Risk Management

Central Carolina Insurance Agency has implemented our proprietary R3 program to move away from the traditional insurance process. The traditional insurance process has become transactional, thus taking away from what is important… REDUCING RISK. Much like your accountant, attorney, or even your physician, our unique process allows us to operate in a diagnostic manner. We take the time to get to know your business and the possible exposures where coverage gaps may exist.

Let us Tell you about our R3 program that goes beyond the traditional insurance transaction as we strive to learn about your business long before we look at coverage strategies.

In Our Customers’ Words

Is this insurance?

Not specifically Insurance because in this process we review safety, IT, employee vetting processes, HR Compliance, etc., that results in overall expense reduction.


How does this work?

The R3 Risk Management Process utilizes a unique proven approach to proactively audit risk because it reduces many of your “soft” costs before they get out of hand.

What are the results?

We partner with companies to determine the key steps in assess external and internal risks, prioritize each, in order to  proceed with a strong mitigation solution.

Benefits of R3

Protecting Businesses From Risk Takes More than Just Insurance

Other “soft” expenses may appear uncontrollable, confusing or untenable.  Examples could be dealing with the worker's compensation insurance modifier, disaster management issues, employee turnover, HR issues regarding sexual harassment or a potential information technology breach exposure.  These   “fluid issues” are often postponed for future study by a committee or totally ignored until they rear their ugly head to land on the “necessary to do list” vs. the “future to do list.”   But what we all understand about this “necessary list” is that it can crowd existing resources and increase cost short term costs because extra labor and resources are needed to deal with it NOW ! 

So is the 900-pound gorilla going to go away overnight? Maybe so, but another one may be waiting in the jungle trees to take its place!  These fluid issues that can adversely impact cost could range from a firm’s reputation damage after a data security breach, to having proactive Human Resource and fleet safety programs.

Working smarter is  key!

We Conduct Risk Assessments in the Following Areas

  • IT Cyber Security- can anybody gain access to proprietary information or private client data?
  • Workplace Safety & Employee Security- What are you doing now and do you have a formal return to work policy after job illness or accident?
  • Disaster Recovery Plans- Hurricanes, storms, fire, etc.
  • HR Compliance and Employee  Background - Proper vetting processes?
  • Fleet Management- Autos, trucks, delivery, etc.?
  • Environmental Exposure- On & Off-site reviews?
  • Insurance- product liability concerns?
  • Key Man- what happens if a key person becomes disabled, passes away, or leaves your firm?

Other Insurance Products

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From liability to asset protection, every business has unique needs.  Talk to our agents that specialize in helping to protect your business.

Personal Insurance

Personal insurance is more than just Home and Auto.  Our agents understand that insurance is about protecting the people, places, and things around us.

Specialty Areas

When businesses have very unique needs, we have agents with the experience necessary to help you make sound decisions on complex coverage options.

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